Company Profile

Jet Laser – engineering and electronic packaging – company profile.
Jet Laser Company specializes in design and production of electronic packaging and geometric parts.
Jet laser also specializes in application such laser cutting, bending and complementary processing.
The Company gives service for small amounts production (prototypes and etc.) and large amounts all over the country.
The company is certified by ISO 9001 and approved Ministry of Defense distributor (distr. Num 11003028).
Design - Design and preparation of production files
Bending -Metal sheets accurate CNC bending
Cutting - Laser cutting, plotter cutting
Welding- MIG/TIG welding (aluminum, steels)
Coatings – Supply by customer requirements including anodize, passivation, galvanization and electrostatic painting.
Machining – Fasteners, countersink, tapping, complementary processing.